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Full Version: PVR: Signal Noise Ratio and Signal Quality indicators
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I would like to ask is it possible to enable Signal Noise Ratio and Signal Quality information (indicators) in Confluence.
I have a VDR as a separate server and Kodi connects to it via VNSI.
The information regarding the Satellite provider and the CA encryption used is visualized properly but the SNR and Signal Quality bars are not showing the current state of the tuners.
SVDRP is enabled and properly configured on the server side.
I am not sure is it a VNSI related issue or a skin (Confluence) one.
Some information on that matter will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
It was used to work but I didn't check for a long time. The way kodi has presented this info while playing a channel is rather useless. If you want to use the info for adjusting a dish, you need it in a differnt way. I use femon and vdr UI accessible via client specific settings.