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Full Version: Grouplist and dynamic content (focus last group item)
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Something i am having a hard time with;

An example would be Estuary with a vertical menu. Widgets recently added ect. for a vertical menu work great. The first item in the group list for the widget is focused.
In the case of a horizontal menu it would be ideal to have the last item in the group list focused on window load.

So that leads me to my question. Is it possible for a group list to have the last item focused on window load? (also the number of items can vary depending upon user choice)

I have have tried to make this work but no joy.
In theroy I would think you could hack it to work but technically no at least not that I have seen

I tried but Control.Move(id,-1) only works for containers and not grouplists

As for a hackish workaround, i have this and it is to hackish for my liking. Also need to account for every menu item and every widget with a unique id.


<control type="button" id="452">
    <include>Hidden Object</include>

I really cant see any other way i can do this apart from putting in a ticket. Really need something like <focusposition>3</focusposition> for a grouplist.