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Full Version: Music Library Wont Sort
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I have Kodi running on Raspberry Pi 3 which connects to my music source through DLNA.

I have over 500 albums which all show but seem to be sorted in a random order which I cant change. I've tried sorting by album and artist etc but the order doesn’t change. I've tried updating the library in Kodi and rebuilding it through MiniDLNA but nothing seems to make any difference.

Any ideas please?

(2017-05-06, 13:55)caned_monkey Wrote: [ -> ]I've tried sorting by album and artist etc but the order doesn’t change.
That sounds very odd. What node are you sorting - albums or songs? Perhaps a screenshot with the side blade on view showing the selected sort order and the items not in that order would help me understand more.

Also what OS (LibreElec?) are you using and version of Kodi (although OS version would probably tell me that)?
I'm in the Album node and here are a couple of screen shots:



OS is OSMC 2017.03-1
Can you fix up those image links please
OK, now sorted.
Ok, what skin is that? And could you try it with Estuary (or Confluence)
The skin is called Metropolis, I didn’t realise that it would make any difference but I tried it in Estuary and there's no problem sorting in there.

I think I'll stick with it, thanks.