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Full Version: X-Link Kai Freezing Fix?
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Got the latest SVN.

If Kai is running on my PC, XBMC freezes as soon as it launches.

I've read that this can deal with its attempt to download icons. I was told to upload the icons directly from the Kai folder on my PC into the thumbnails database in XBMC.

It won't let me because the filenames are too long.

From what I can see, this is why it freezes. If it tries to download files that the hard drive's format just doesn't support, it doesn't know what to do, fails, and freezes.

Is there a way to rename them or just force XBMC (or Kai) not do download icons?

use a different dashboard to upload , like evox ..
hmm nvm .. its a fatx limitation , bit tipsy .. :]

read the post here by sPhantom1 .. he has posted a link to all the icons after XBMC renames them .. remember tho you still have to upload your own contact list icons or it will still lock up ..