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Full Version: CPU Benchmark, Test your devices python performance.
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I have added these results into a Google Sheet and charted them. With this link you can have read only access to view the results. Luna I am going to reach out to you on twitter and offer write access if you like to manage results there.


EDIT: After looking a little closer at the edit link you provided for your chart, I'm not sure if mine was worth the effort lol. I'll leave it up just in case.
Just ran across this thread...

I'm getting ~ 34884 on a 2.0GHz ODROID N2 (CoreELEC) with Python 2.7
(2017-05-10, 01:11)Lunatixz Wrote: [ -> ]Available in the Official Kodi Repository.
How fast does your device run python code? Pystone evaluates CPU performance running in a python environment.
Share your results here, [Device] Benchmark



CPU Benchmark is a single core python test, Python code natively runs in a single "thread" and most Kodi plugins do NOT support multi-core threading. CPU Benchmark calculates brut python performance to compare between python builds and formulate real word expectations when comparing Kodi device/plugin performance. Don't be alarmed by poor results, Poor performance does not necessarily mean your device is slow, nor does it reflect how many multi-core potential. Enjoy!!.

Community Bargraph[Edit]

I can't seem to see the community-provided scores without creating a Canva account. Is there any publically-available list of psystone scores? Also - and perhaps most importantly, is there a recommended score for slowdown-free PseudoTV Live channel-changing/processing? In a larger sense, it would be useful to see recommended pystone scores for each skin and plugin for Kodi.
Updating for Matrix (PY3) and will update the graph to use a shared excel sheet (still requires a login from google account).

PseudoTV Live discussions here: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=346803 THX
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