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Full Version: CPU Benchmark, Test your devices python performance.
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Available in the Official Kodi Repository.
How fast does your device run python code? Pystone evaluates CPU performance running in a python environment.
Share your results here, [Device] Benchmark



CPU Benchmark is a single core python test, Python code natively runs in a single "thread" and most Kodi plugins do NOT support multi-core threading. CPU Benchmark calculates brut python performance to compare between python builds and formulate real word expectations when comparing Kodi device/plugin performance. Don't be alarmed by poor results, Poor performance does not necessarily mean your device is slow, nor does it reflect multi-core potentials. Enjoy!!.

Community Bargraph[Edit]
[FireTV 1] 7862
[i5-4670K] 146546
Tested with version 1.1.0
[FireTV 2] 28004
[Nexus Player] 8850
Tested with Version 1.1.0 of CPU Benchmark

[Nvidia Shield TV 1st Gen] 31432
[MiBox] 14008
[i5-3470S] 104536
[xbr49x830c] 15193
[Intel Atom X5-Z8550] 39886
[Beelink Minimx iii S905] 17421
Python v2.7.11 - 118,535 pystones/s
[Fire Stick Gen 2] 3695
[Fire Stick Gen 1] 7714

not sure how that is possible since second gen has 2 more cores but ok Smile

[i5-7400] 156054
[i5-7200] 134129

[XBR65X850C] 14854 (I honestly expected the Fire Sticks to be faster than my Sony TV but ok Smile )
Testers, please run a couple times to make sure you are getting an accurate reading. I've tried a few times when something was running in the background and got much lower results than the next couple tests.
RPI 3 > 14351
[i7-5930K] 155855

[Beelink MINI MXIII II S905X]
Nice idea for an Add-on!

My i7-557U 3.1ghz comes in at 151733

I feel the need for some charts of all these Smile
(2017-05-16, 16:36)docwra Wrote: [ -> ]Nice idea for an Add-on!
I feel the need for some charts of all these Smile

OP updated with a community bar graph, anyone can contribute to it.
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