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Full Version: Stuttering video playback
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While watching videos I often get stutter for around 5 seconds. Audio continues correctly but the pictures stutters as if the frame rate has dropped right down.

I'm running Kodi on Win10, latest updates of OS, Jodi and drivers. I've tried both WiFi and wired network. The files are stored on a Ubuntu 16.04 server (old laptop) and served by Samba.

I had a raspberry pi in place of the laptop before and had no problems.

Here is a log while playing a TV episode. There were several slowdowns.

Any ideas?

Hello again neufena,

Does this issue occur with every video you play or just a select few?

When did you first start experiencing the stutter? Since you upgraded to v17?

Your TOSHIBA SATELLITE C855-13F laptop seems to be at least 5 years old. Of particular note is the use of "Intel® HD Graphics 3000" onboard graphics.

Intel themselves have already stated that this graphics chip is not compatible with Windows 10. See here... http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/s...05526.html

If you come back with an answer to those first two questions, we might be able to find a workaround.
It happens on every video but it's not with any predictable frequency.

It's happened on v17 and upgrading to v17 made no difference.

It's always been the case since I switched my Rasberry Pi 2 for the old laptop so I could play some indie games on my TV as well as running Kodi.
Quote:It's happened on v17 and upgrading to v17 made no difference.

Obviously a typo, I meant v16 and upgrading to v17
Could you copy one of your shows/movies from your Ubuntu server onto the local Win10 laptop hard disk.

Scrape the show into your library and play it.

Let us know if you still have the stuttering.
I've just played a file back directly from a connected USB stick and still get the same stuttering.
A quick update. I've reloaded the laptop from scratch with Windows 8.1 but still get the stuttering issue. I guess I need to give up on Kodi on windows and go back to a Raspberry Pi, it works perfectly even on a Pi 2.