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Full Version: Comcast Music Channels
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I posted this in the general Windows support almost a year ago and got no reply from devs..

This still occurs on 17.1, on multiple hardware boxes. Looks to be a KODI core issue.

"I have a HDHR with MediaPlayer backend on Kodi 16 with Comcast for live tv.

The Music Choice channels on Comcast have a semi-static video screen while playing audio. The screen changes every 30-60 seconds displaying some kind of artist information or ad.

I have tried this with both WMCServer and MP and the channels continually buffer. They will not ply for more than 10 seconds at a time.
All other stations are working properly, and the music channels work in WMC and MP frontend just fine.
They also play properly in the HDHR plugin for Kodi.

This has been an issue since Kodi 12, and I always thought it was a limitation of WMCserver. I recently converted over to MP and found the same issue."