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Full Version: Anyone get font includes to work in Kodi 18?
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Kodi 18 includes the ability to use includes in font.xml.

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I've been trying to get it to work, but haven't been successful so far. The include doesn't seem to be loading, I just get the default font in place of any of the included fonts.

Here's the basic layout of my font.xml:
<fontset id="Default" idloc="31390">

The CommonFonts include exists in my includes.xml.

Should it work like this, am I missing something simple? Thanks!

Update: Forgot to mention, I'm running the 64-bit Windows build dated today. Also tested in yesterday's 32-bit build with the same results.
Doesn't seem to work indeed. I am pretty sure it worked when I created the PR. Maybe I didn't test correctly. I'll check.
I tried it 2 times with different nightlies, but couldn't get it working.
I must have made an error while testing the PR. I made a follow up (and tested it properly): 12092 (PR)
Great thanks a lot.
Will test it as soon as it's merged.
Great, thanks BigNoid!
Just tested, and it's working great now!