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Full Version: ProgDVB
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Hello I have used kodi for a long time and I really like it.
To see the tv use progdvb is the free version and the payment version is very cheap.
Is very good because it also works by lan with progdvb client.
The question :
Will they be able to support KODI? Could you implement the plugin?
Thank you
@merlin_ari, please read => PVR (wiki) to a better grasp of the server-client concept that Kodi uses for PVR which is important to know.

(2017-05-13, 14:31)merlin_ari Wrote: [ -> ]Will they be able to support KODI?
Technically yes, if their server-side (PVR backend) software have an API then 'someone' could make Kodi as a PVR client addon for it.

(2017-05-13, 14:31)merlin_ari Wrote: [ -> ]Could you implement the plugin?
Again, technically yes it is possible to write a PVR client for Kodi if their server-side (PVR backend) software have an documented API.

However if you are asking if 'anyone' will implement it for you/them then the answer from developers here will probably be; "no". Reason for that is that not just 'anyone' have the skills or time to do it and more importantly they probably do not have the incentive to implement a PVR client for a commercial PVR backend that they are not personally using themselves on a day-today basis. You see, PVR client addons for Kodi are written in C++ and programming these is not a small or quick task, and even once done you still have to maintain it for years, fixing bugs and adding new features. So, other than the required C++ programming skills there has to be incentive for 'someone' to do it, like example if they get paid for development (by the company or its community), or if the developer would have to have personal interest such as because it is their favorite PVR backend software, which is usually what happens for open source PVR backends which does not have a company behind it that can pay for development work.

IMHO, for PVR the best is always if the company behind the commercial PVR backend software can themselves internally develop a PVR client for Kodi and submit it for inclusion, and then the company also needs to promise to keep maintaining that over the years to come, (as any abandoned addons that are no longer being developed/maintained will eventually be removed).