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Full Version: German Translation on Kodi - Main misses at least one literal
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Hi there,

as my request to help with the German translation on transifex got declined (probably because I was accepted 9 month ago, but did not contribute anything by now), I'd like to inform the team, that at least the following literal is missing in the ressource.language.de. string.po

For Kodi 18:

#. Label of various controls for resuming playback from a certain point in time
#: xbmc/pvr/PVRGUIActions.cpp
#: xbmc/video/windows/GUIWindowVideoBase.cpp
msgctxt "#12022"
msgid "Resume from {0Confused}"
msgstr "Fortsetzen ab {0Confused}"

As I am still willing to contribute to Kodi, please let me know, if my help is wanted.

Thanks and best regards

hope i write right here ... but the word "rated" (movie info) is in German "Bewertung".

But the rated means for which Age the film is rated right?

The German word Bewertung should be "Altersfreigabe". That would be better, because rated in German (Bewertung) means more like "Film review score".