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Full Version: ExpressVPN for Kodi (Linux only)
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First addon so please be gentle Wink

When I changed VPN suppliers to ExpressVPN, I couldn't get it to work with OpenVPN and had to use their app. So I wrote this addon so I can start/stop it and check if it's connected and to where. It's a bit niche but thought i'd release it anyway in case it's of any use to anyone else.

Sadly only works with Linux at the moment as the Windows app can't be controlled via the command line. Not sure about OSX/Android. If I hear it's possible, i'll update the app as well.

  • Start and stop ExpressVPN from with Kodi GUI.
  • Save your favourite servers in settings.
  • Can be called directly using Kodi remote apps such as Yatse

  • Download the Linux ExpressVPN app from their website.
  • Ensure it has been activated (see instructions on their website).
  • Download the latest zip file from here and go to addons and then install from zip file.

Github/Full Readme: https://github.com/grjw/ExpressVPNForKodi
A gentle reminder to everyone - Team Kodi does not directly support VPN usage, as for most activities Kodi does not require its usage.

Whilst we accept there are some valid usage cases, any VPN usage to by-pass geo-blocking is a violation of the forum rules (wiki) and is not supported here. Discussion or support requests for any such usage will be removed, and may result in thread closure.