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Full Version: Mimic 6.x for Leia
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(2018-04-04, 16:29)modslife Wrote: [ -> ]hi braz. installed on latest libreelec clean install on amlogic box 905 w. the "configure" window on the addon is showing some funny character but no options at all. thanks for the great work.
 Are you referring to the Libreelec settings dialog? If so, I don't think that dialog is skinned for Mimic.
No, it's the addon configure dialog windows. Any addon. In this example BBC iPlayer.  Settings - addon - video addon (but could be music addon, etc) - BBC iPlayer - configure. I'll post a photo on next post. Thanks for your time.
Addon Configure screens are still a problem in Mimic 6.x for Leia. For example, here is the screen shot for the Version Check configure screen, but they all look like this:


Here is the debug log:
The addon configuration issue is resolved - use the version of the Mimic skin that's on GitHub (https://github.com/braz96/skin.mimic), not in the Kodi repo.

Addon settings / configuration works fine. The only issue I have with this skin is when watching live TV, and because I have the "confirm channel selection with Enter" option active, pressing up / down to display the selected doesn't cause the channel info to appear, and pressing enter selects the channel blindly.

Is it possible to add navigation buttons for touch screen? Estuary has a setting along with a few other skins
Very nice skin, well done!

Favourites on the home screen do not work. You have to ENTER the favourites category then you can execute the contents. If you merely navigate to favourites on the home screen, clicking on one of your favourites does not do anything.

(2018-03-18, 14:25)hanspeter Wrote: [ -> ]Hi everyone,

i'm missing all recordings on this version, 5.x on Krypto works fine. Is there an easy/quick fix for this, or do we have to wait for a final 6.x release? Can someone confirm this (i'm on tvheadend/pvr.hts)...?


Yes, my Recordings section is empty too. I use serverWMC
Hello, I have no idea about programming, but somehow I solved the problem with the recordings. I hope that goes well for braz96.
Just swap the myrecordings.xml file.
I love the Mimic Skin and now I can finally switch to Kodi 18.
Now we just have to solve the problem with the favorites and then the skin is perfect.

Hello, it does not let me add the element to the main menu, the option to add new element to the menu does not appear.
arielf: From the main menu:
Settings -> Skin -> Setup menus and widgets. Highlight any menu item on the left side of the screen (either move the focus to the left or click on an item on the left side of the screen). From here, bring up the context menu, click Add

Any ideas to fix the favourites problem?
Hello, I have a clean installation and I just installed the Mimic skin, everything is perfect except I do not know how to do it or if possible, add or remove elements from the main menu. There is no option to add or remove items. Thank you
See post #26  above. Does that help?
Solved ... by pressing the letter C, a New Menu appears with the options .. COOL .....
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