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Full Version: Channel switching slow
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I've noticed a real slowdown in switching tv channels since moving to Kodi 17. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3. I've tried OSMC and LibreElec. Any settings I can try to improve this?

Also, when scrolling through channels - channel list on left of screen, program description on right of screen with current channel playing in background, pressing OK on new channel changes the channel playing in background and needs another OK to bring picture into foreground. Is there a way of getting the channel to change immediately on first OK?

Thanks for all the great work!
Concerning the slowdown I don't know, as I am still on Kodi 16.

If you want to start channels in the foreground right away, go to:

Settings>PVR&Live TV>Playback

There, make sure that the option "Start playback minimised" is disabled.