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Full Version: Increase font size
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I would like to enlarge the font size of the lyrics if possible. I located the file -


and opened it with note pad. I'm not sure how to proceed. What settings do I need to change?
For anyone interested in this -
I could not increase the font size. But I did find a work around that gives me the results I was looking for.

Change Fonts to Larger font size.

Rename this file - script-cu-lrclyrics-main.xml ( I changed mine to 1script-cu-lrclyrics-main.xml to make it easier to change back)

Now when the lyrics come up they are in the Estuary skin format with larger fonts.

This method will work with Confluence also. Tested working with Windows10 and LibreElec 8.0.2.
possibly you can do it from the font.xml - to change font size and/or the font itself