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Full Version: TVH 4.2 can't enable timeshift, menu empty
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Have just set up LibreELEC with TVH 4.2 on a RPi3. TVH is getting channels and EPG just fine. Only problem now is I can't enable timeshifting, the menu page is empty except for the Enable checkbox. Checking it and hitting Save goes back to unchecked. No other options are visible.

EDIT: Upon a reboot of the RPi, timeshifting is working in Kodi now. However, the menu still looks the same in the LE configuration. So no so urgent, but is anyone else seeing the problem?

EDIT: s/OpenELEC/LibreELEC/ oops.
Solved (for now)
Expert mode fully populates the dialog (TVH web interface keeps throwing me up surprises)
Still a bug in the non-expert web interface.
This has driven me nuts....thanks for the solution!