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Full Version: Streaming IP Camera Add-On Problem
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I can successfully invoke an RTSP camera stream with the script.ipcam addon in Kodi 17.1 link removed . It works great when watching Live TV with the RTSP stream coming up when invoked and the live TV channel resumed when the Back or Stop key is hit on the RTSP stream.
When watching a movie or TV Show, the RTSP stream is invoked and comes up fine - but when I hit the Stop or Back key, the stream stops and Kodi locks up before the show being watched is resumed.
I have tried this with different TV shows and movies and also have changed the Kodi rendering method with no change in behavior.

Any ideas?

Here is my kodi.log. It should show the RTSP stream being invoked twice and resumed back twice while watching live TV. Then when I play a movie, it invokes the RTSP stream but crashes after the Stop key is hit and before the show can be resumed.


I am running script.ipcam version 0.0.3
Kodi 17.1 is on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit version 1703 (Build 15063.296)
i5-6600K , 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD

you may be better off posting at the site you linked.
But links to that parasite are not allowed here as the whole place violates our piracy policy (wiki) and we want nothing to do with it or any association with it. Your link has been removed, and if you're using that site you should definitely read our forum rules (wiki) and at least this blog and this one before you install crap from there which will preclude any support here.