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Full Version: I'm sorry, just can't like Estuary.
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I've been using Kodi with Confluence in my Rpi3 for over a year now and despite it not being the best example of logic in its work flows, it has worked pretty well and I grew into it fairly well after a little while.

I've been using various computer OS GUIs and plethora of software with various kinds of user interfaces for about 30 years and must say that first use impressions of Estuary were a great disappointment. It was anything but intuitive, too much useless spare space on many screens, lots of clicks back and forth with very little return. Maybe Estuary is good enough for the video only guys, but for a generic home entertainment center user it's a pain in the neck. Estuary seemed compact and modern to me at first, but navigation and control of Kodi's features beyond that are a mess. I even found that I wasn't able to reach all features that I had used to, there was no navigation option to something, that can't remember what exactly anymore, but anyway which made me turn away quickly from Estuary in favor of Confluence.

If only I had time, I'd write down all the flaws I saw, instead only say that Estuary needs serious revise, to be tested feature by feature that it reaches all Kodi's functions same as Confluence. Proper working user interface design is very demanding job and the best rule might be that less is more, or less clicks for more features make users happy, not the other way around. You may need to draw the work flow charts from the scratch and get back to the drawing board to solve these issues. I regret that I haven't got more practical suggestions for improvements to give, but go back to the Confluence and see what it does, then feature by feature look at it, if it really can be improved, otherwise - leave it.

As you might have guessed, I'm happy to stay with Confluence as long as it's around and works fine, but also sincerely wish you the best of luck in creating a new improved alternative for Kodi's user interface, you're just nowhere there yet.
Hello @rpi3guy,

sorry, but I completely don't share your opinion about estuary. It's my favourite skin at the moment. For sure there could be some improvements here and there, but overall I love it.

There are some mods around here you can already use. But Confluence is the worst skin I ever used.

That's my opinion. Wink

Greetings Hoppel
Without any specifics this is completely useless feedback. Is Estuary perfect? no it isn't. Is Estuary a step back in some aspects? yes in some aspects it is in my view. However Confluence was 7 years old and was a very mature skin, whereas Estuary was started from scratch which is a monumental task given how many features/options Kodi has, to be as good as it is in the development timescale has quite frankly been an amazing effort. What Estuary gives us a fresh modern look and provides a solid foundation to build on, so over time it will continue to evolve.
The fact that there are so many opinions on this is a good reason that we have so many skins.

I didn't like estuary at first, but grew to like it. I am now using Bello, which is nice.

Choice is great.