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Full Version: "Tvheadend route latencies" add-on
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I wrote an add-on showing health of network connection between Kodi and Tvheadend. Can you help me with testing it, please?

You can find add-on source as well as more info here: github.com/iwis/script.service.tvheadend-route-latencies
Here is a post in the development area: forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=313838

I would like to add this add-on to the repository to make the installation easier so I would really appreciate your feedback.

for some reason your addon only gives me latest latency : tvheadend server tcp
host : windows 10 , kodi 18 latest alpha
server : Rasp Pi
Which version of Kodi have you installed: 32-bit or 64-bit? I noticed this error only in 64-bit Kodi, 32-bit version works fine. The 64-bit architecture will be a new feature in Kodi 18. If I don't have to, I would rather not fix this error now.
yep, reinstalled 32bit instead of 64bit and it works. thanks.

With TV playing and :
Kodi on PC Windows 10--------router)))))2.4GHz wifi (((((repeater-------RPI3 TVheadend

it gives
1) : 0ms (maybe less than 1ms)
2) : 17ms (free.fr)
3) : 1 ms
4) : 15 ms

I am wondering where the 15ms are comming from. Maybe the Raspberry PI3 CPU latency?
Yes, "0 ms" means "<1 ms", I will change it to be clear.
If computer with Tvheadend and computer with Kodi are in the same local network (they are connected to the same router) it would be the best to not display 2nd and 4th steps at all, and in 3rd step there should be description 'Tvheadend server'. The add-on was designed to test connection with at least 2 routers between this is why description is wrong for one router Sad
As you guessed 15ms is latency of the network + latency of Raspberry Pi CPU - it is a time needed to receive a main page of Tvheadend configuration GUI.

Anyway, you have very good pings - the network should not be a problem. The situation can change in the evening if there are many nearby wifi networks and neighbors will use them intensively.