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Full Version: How do you handle concert Blurays
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I just got some concert Blurays and I would like to view them through Kodi. I have them stored as iso files but the problem is that on some the menu does not work. I would like to be able to skip to specific songs and that's hard without menus. I know that usually each chapter is another song but I can't remember which chapters are which songs most of the time. I thought I would just create bookmarks but it doesn't seem as though you can name them so the problem persists? Any ideas on how deal with this? How do you guys handle it?
I do it the hard way. I rip the blu ray with MakeMKV and keep chapters. Then I write an .srt subtitle file with the song titles timed to the chapters or song start times.

Like this:

00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:10,000
Joe Bonamassa Live from the Royal Albert Hall (2009)

00:03:08,000 --> 00:03:13,000
- Django

00:06:08,000 --> 00:06:13,000
The Ballad of John Henry

00:12:56,000 --> 00:13:01,000
So It's Like That

00:12:53,000 --> 00:12:58,000
Last Kiss

00:23:10,000 --> 00:23:15,000
So Many Roads

00:29:31,000 --> 00:29:36,000

etc., etc., etc...

Loads of fun...
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I have a tool to help split MKV files created from Concerts into individual chapter files (per song) and creates nfo files allowing Kodi to load the files into its music video library as 'concerts' (grouped like 'albums'):


The tool can also create m3u playlists that Kodi can use to play the music videos. Those m3u files are also compatible with tha Music Remote for Kodi (an iOS app I use on my iPad to play all my music and music videos - I can navigate and play any individual song, whether audio only or music video, or create temporary playlists for my Kodi music session)
If you have your Blu-ray ripped to mkv AND the chapters are named in the file then they will show up in bookmarks.
Can I change the chapter names in the mkv?

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I think you can with mkvmerge
(2017-05-28, 05:13)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]I think you can with mkvmerge
I just tried that and it worked like a champ. Perfect solution IMG. Thanks!

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