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Full Version: [BUG] Frame skips caused by forced subtitles
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I originally reported this bug in the LibreELEC AMLogic forum:

However, it turns out this is a global Krypton bug, since I was able to reproduce it on a RPi2 and others reproduced it in Windows.

Issue description:
Certain types of forced subtitles from a Blu-ray cause one or two frame skips every time a new line of subtitle is displayed.

This does not happen in Jarvis builds.
It also does not happen in my Leia nightly build in Windows.

How to reproduce:
Play linked sample file from Avatar (Blu-ray remux) and monitor PlayerDebug for frame skips.

The subtitle in question seems to be a special (rare) kind, since it looks like it is part of the global English subtitle, which does not have a forced flag.
However, it is still being displayed automatically for foreign language parts.
The font is different then, too (quite exotic).


FWIW I was able to reproduce the skips on Windows when using Intel HD 4000 (i7-3720QM) but not when using NVidia card.
Could someone look into this? Smile
Is there information missing that might be needed from me?

Thanks Team Kodi. Smile
Any insights yet? Smile
I have to admit that I feel a bit ignored... Tongue
Is this issue being addressed?
I don't look into v17 issues anymore. Only v18