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Full Version: url within url
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Hello Devs,

The video below does not play in Kodi 17.3, but plays fine in VLC!

It looks like Kodi does not like an http: (httpSemi-column) inside a url and ends up removing the semi-column and fails to play the video, while VLC manages this just fine. Even if I use VLC instead of the default player, it look the Kodi removes the semi-column THEN passes it to the player, in which case even VLC fails to play the vid!


I'd appreciate if someone could take a look at it and advise of a workaround or a patch, if there is one.

thats not a valid URL.
This url gets a WTF award from me
the *url* is broken. if you are to embed another url in an url you have to urlencode it first. VLC is buggy if it parses that url, cause it is out of spec.
VLC just throws away the first part of the url and plays
Thanks Guys!