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Full Version: Have to restart computer all the time to get access from android tv
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After i installed win10 pro on my computer i started to get problems with kodi on my sony android tv.
I use Kodi on the tv and navigate through the network to watch from my computer.
If i take a break from watching something it will not reconnect and don't find the computer anymore. Restarting the tv doesn't work. I have to restart the computer.
usually more than 10 min it will loose connection.

This never happen when i had win 7.

anybody have any clues on what is going on ?
Yep, sounds like you need to change your Windows power management settings.
Or the os.
That's one expensive remote control.
I have checked the pms settings and it is on high performance. my hardisk is set to never stop.
tried different ways of sharing the folder. and my problems still remains.
it's quite frustrating to have to restart my computer all the time. My boxee box does not have this problem at all.

i suspect it may be related to the new update of kodi. is there any settings in kodi i can check ?
Are you using smb?
Yes i am.
Do you have your PC set with a static IP?

You should also provide a Debug log (wiki).
i don't know how to get debug log out of my tv.
But the latest update, either android tv or kod update have resolved the issue Big Grin