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Full Version: 17.3 / banner.jpg not loaded upon add
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I run 17.3. I have a series "Samvidhaan", about consitution of india. I made an NFO using tmm. Using some paint-like program i created a banner for this (as no banners available on tvdb). After creating the whole metadata set inclusing posters etc, i added the movie. Kodi wouldnt load the banner.jpg, which it should always do, according to the docu.
What is going on here?
Here is a link to the TVDB wiki which describes attributes for artwork. Click on the banner appropriate to you and ensure you have stuck by those guidelines.

Where did you place the artwork for the TV Show? Is it placed in the main TV Show directory?
\TV Shows\Almost Human\banner.jpg

I assume you named it banner.jpg as in your title.
Could you place the link?
Appears to be missing

In pic there is a snapshot of some of the files in the folder
\tv\samvidhaan (2014)
Do these file names look ok?
The tvshow is scanned/recognised. Its just the banner.jpg that isnt loaded
Hello mcph92,

My apologies. Here is the link missing from my previous post... http://www.thetvdb.com/wiki/index.php/Category:Images

If you call up the Information page for the TV Show, then select "Choose Art", can you see any image attached to the "Banner" entry?

Can you manually add the image to the Banner section? If you can, then does the artwork then become visible where required?
I will chexk ur first point later this week when im home again (now on hols in portugal).
Yes, I can manually add the jpg file and it is displayed correctly. It doesnt take it when doing the scan, tho. Have to add manually
Does the nfo file have to contain a tag for the banner file?
I have not tried to upload the banner to tvdb. I did upload artwork to moviedb and that worked fine (after 2d wait)
When Kodi scrapes, it first looks for artwork in the movie directory. If it finds nothing, then it will follow the link in the nfo file.

I would be interested to know if renaming the file as follows works...