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Full Version: PVR and Timeshift HDD location
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I'm running TVH 4.2 alongside LE on a chromebox, and have multiple clients to add to the network that will all use the TVH on the master chromebox. I currently have a HDD attached via USB 3.0 and use this for timeshift and PVR functions. Is this ideal when I have multiple boxes attaching to TVH, or should I have the timeshift and PVR HDD on the network as a small NAS?

If the NAS is optimal, how do I go about mounting the network location to place this path in the TVH set up?

I personally use a NAS for timeshift and recordings, but that is because of the device running my TVH server. As long as your network bandwidth is good in the house, you should be just fine with keeping the timeshift buffer local.

As far as how to mount a remote FS, I've used both NFS and SMB without any real problem from either method.