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Full Version: TVHeadend in Kodi Krypton
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Hi guys,

I've found bits and pieces around this issue but wondering if anyone can help?
I've just updated to Krypton and TVheadend doesn't work at all, was running fine on previous version. I have a DVB-T USB adapter plugged into my raspberry pi 2.
Kodi says it cannot communicate with the server and cant access via weppage using http://ipaddress:9981
installed from a backup so all settings should be correct.
is there a way to get this to work? if not, is there an alternative client I can use that is easy to set up?
don't want to roll back the software if there is a solution out there.

Any help appreciated
Can you get to TVH via a webpage? (i.e. is it running?)
If so, check all the settings as the port may have changed etc.
I use a usb dongle in my NUC, I can't get tvhead 4.2 to run in krypton, so I am still using 4.09

Perhaps you need to check the password on the backend settings?

this libreelec page might help