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Full Version: Forward and backward in Kodi 17
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Hello folks,

I play live stream like this in kodi (the video is a live conversion of a file) :


In this url "t=0" is the timestamp from which the video as to start. If i want to backward/forward (+20s for example) if have to stop the current video and open a new stream with


My problem is the "time line" in kodi start from 0 but the 0 correspond to the timestamp so if my timestamp is 280 and the total of my video is 3600, kodi will show a time line starting from 0 and a total time of my video 3320 ... It is hard to explain, english is not my main language ..

Thanks for the help !

Your two links do not work. Error 405 Page does not exist
Indeed they dont work this is just an example, to explain my problem. I can't post the real links they are from third party and it's not allowed to share.