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Full Version: Live Streams Resolve Followed By Kickout
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Hi all
Using a Greek Add-on to play Live TV i have an issue after Updating from LibreElec Jarvis to LibreElec Krypton 17.3
Jarvis plays perfect however Krypton 17.3 causes Stream to resolve and play the start for 3 to 5 seconds and then stops with a kickout.
My Hardware MiniMX Amlogic S905 1GB/8GB.
I have taken Debug Log using this Hardware.
On my Mac same issue. Please Note my MacBook"s GPU NVIDIA GeForce 320M has Krypton Known Hardware Issues and i am running a TEST Build based on master/leia. Kodi Community Forum. The result is identical to LibreElec.

Using Software Decoding same issue.
Turn Off Adjust Refresh Rate same issue


Screenshot after stream opens just before it kicks out.