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Full Version: TMDB scraper failures for previously working movies
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Hi everyone,

i'am facing the same pb. And here is my log. Someone can help me on this please?

My kodi log file is here : https://pastebin.com/5kjvC20y

Hello @opif,

At this stage we cannot help you for the following reasons...

1. Simply saying "I have the same problem" is not acceptable. There are numerous issues discussed in this thread, so how are we to know which one you are referring to? Clearly explain the problem.
2. You provided a snippet of a log. If you know exactly which part of the log to send us, then you should be in a position to diagnose the problem yourself. Otherwise submit a full debug log please.

Sorry i should have been more precise... My apologies.
In fact when add new source (with TMDB scrapper) or when i change the scrapper of an existing source to TMDB scrapper, no movies are found anymore. Including when done manually.
It was working for 2 or 3 months ago. Now i'm using Universal Scrapper but it doesn't satisfy me. That why i'm trying to find a solution to the TMDB scrapper.
I found a website that allows me to paste the full content of the log file and here it is : http://paste.ubuntu.com/25437240/

Hope someone can help me finding what is the issue.

Quote:XBMC (16.3-0 Git:2016-09-10-33731b5-dirty
As far as I know, none of the Kodi developers uses this naming convention.
Also, Kodi never released a 16.3 version. So where did you get this build?
It is a minix version
That's not an answer to my question. Smile

Apparently 'dirty' builds are a result from git changes or incomplete compiling.
It does beg the question: why are you using a dirty build and not a stable build?
it was installed by default on my minix U1 box. I don't know what to answer more :-)
(2017-08-31, 11:56)opif Wrote: [ -> ]it was installed by default on my minix U1 box. I don't know what to answer more :-)
Hi opif
As you are in a minix context (SPMC is the same), I suggest you to have a look at this thread because i solved a similar issue:
Thank you very much jph33. It worked for me! Now TMDB scraps correclty as it was doing before.
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