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Full Version: Why can't i find some addons in the kodi repo
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I can't for the live of me discover why i can't find uitzendinggemist and rtlXL addons in my install of Kodi (Latest openelec).
The list on Kodi.tv says it should be there, but it's not... Sad

Is there an url to the kodi repo, so i can try and instal the kodi repo thru filemanager and install from there?
Or am i overlooking something completely oblivious?!

Any help is much appreciated!
I can't work that out. But try the instructions to add the authors own repo. https://github.com/Opvolger/plugin.video.uzg
These addons are in a external repo.
If you are looking for 'uitzending gemist' i would recommend you install Bas Rieter's repo.
They are but they are also listed in addons.kodi.tv and you should be able to install straight from kodi.