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Full Version: channels don't match up
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In kodi the channels do not match up with what the HD setup shows. It's like it fills in the blank channels. I also get jacked up closed captions.
You are using the official HDHomeRun "app" or some other third party app?
hd homerun setup from their site.
You need to enable the "Get channel numbers from backend" option in the PVR settings.
thanks rpcameron. I had that selection checked. I think it was pulling from next pvr, I thought I had that disabled, once I disabled it the channels were fine. I would actually like to delete next pvr but uninstall is greyed out. I still have issues with closed caption tho for live tv its just jumbled sync is off
If the add-ons shipped with your distro, chances are that you can't delete them. You can however disable them.