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Full Version: Saving to the MusicPlayer.xxxxxxx property
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While playing with the streaming radio I have two sources.
The first source is a stream of music (unfortunately without information on the song played).
The second source only provides information about the current song (what is played in the first source)
I have a script that "plays the song" from the first source and the second script that retrieves information from the second source of the song played.
I would like to save the song information in the script directly to the MusicPlayer property such as:
MusicPlayer.Title, MusicPlayer.Album, MusicPlayer.Artist, MusicPlayer.Genre .... etc.

How can I save variables in a script to the MusicPlayer.xxxxxxx properties?

Thanks for all the help.

I am currently saving this data to my own properties such as Window (Home) .Property (rmfon.Player.Artist) .........
But additionally I have to modify the skin to be used by the skin - I would like to avoid this.