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Full Version: [Movie Database] dateAdded gets false date by rescrapping a folder
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I've got a boring bug! I've got a movie directory which is assigned to "The Movie DB" Scraper and contents well scanned movies.
So if I add some new movies and rescan this folder, only the last scraped new movie get the right date in Kodi DB (table "files", field "dateAdded") The other movies get some other dates, I've never able to discover from where this date comes from.

This is very boring, because this movies doesn't appear in view "last added movies"

Thanks for support,

PS: I've just realized, the last movie doesn't get the the very right date as well, e.g I scaned today, 2017-06-10 12:37:46 and got two new movies:

First scaned movie gets a date by 2014....
Second scaned movie gets the following date: 2017-06-08 13:37:46

So you see there is a difference of two days....
sorry for bumping, but no one?
Not sure if this will help, but check the videolibrary section of the wiki's advancedsettings.xml page, specifically the dateadded tag.

By default, Kodi uses the movie file's modification time / creation time. Check the date of the file on your harddrive / NAS. That would be the date that Kodi stores in its library. If you want the dateAdded to be the actual date & time that you scraped it into the library, add the dateadded tag with a value of 0. Then it should show in "last added movies" according to scrape date/time.

Do note that if you Refresh / re-scrape the movie at a later date/time (to get a new poster/fanart/etc.), then the dateAdded field will be updated to the current datetime.
nice to know!

Thank you, I will give it a try....
works for me!

Thank you very much,
Glad it worked out for you! Big Grin