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Full Version: TMDb not scraping Director / Writer / Studio Information
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Kodi 17.3
Windows 10 Home (64 BIT)

After a recent update, The Movie Database (TMDb) is not scraping Director or Writer information. Sometimes the Studio information is missing as well. I have reinstalled the add-on and everything seems to be working otherwise. I hope this issue can be resolved ASAP. Thank you for your help.
Here is the response taken from one of the many threads regarding this issue.

Karellen Wrote:The scraper is not being updated so it will remain v3.9.4

metadata.common.themoviedb.org will be updated to v2.15.0 which is located in the program directory. As this is not an Addon, you cannot download a zip file to manually install. It has to auto update via the repository.

So, just make sure your Kodi is running and connected to the internet. When the update reaches the servers in your part of the world, it will update.
Thank you for the fast response. I will do just that. Any idea on timeline?
It was released about 12 hours ago, so any time if you don't already have it.
Awesome. Thank you again.
Is there any way for me to tell if the update has gone through? As in, how do I know I have metadata.common.themoviedb.org v2.15.0?
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi\addons\metadata.common.themoviedb.org

Open the file addon.xml

4th line will tell you the version
I've been checking the Kodi\addons folder in the install location (Program Files for a Windows install). There's a folder that corresponds to the name of the plugin. I don't see version info, so I've been checking the modified date. Still no joy here - the date remains the installation date of my Kodi distro.

Edit: Better info from Karellen above. I'm still on 2.14.0.
If you are not confident doing that, then look at the File Date. It should be from yesterday/today.
It will update to your user folder, not the install location.
I don't have that directory/file here...

or here
You will when it updates.
Right. Thanks
Unless winders works different.
My install folder says I'm still v2.14.

The C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\metadata.themoviedb.org\addon.xml says I'm v2.13.1.

So it seems that the update hasn't come through yet. Not sure why the two different versions but that's not the issue. I'll make sure to comment when the update rolls in.

Again, thank you everyone for your assistance.

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