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Full Version: Icons on bottom row of Favorites page are cut off
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I'm running Kodi v17.3 on Windows 7 using Estuary skin. On the home page, highlight (don't click) Favorites in the list on the left. In the Favorites page on the right of the screen, the bottom icons are cut off if there are three or more rows. If there are exactly 3 rows, there is no scroll bar, so no way to see the entire bottom row. If there are 4 or more rows, there is a scroll bar, but even if you scroll all the way to the bottom, the bottom row is cut off. This also happens on the latest v18 64 bit nightly build.
When I do what you suggest, I get only 2.5 images showing (this might have to do with the default setting for posters) but clearly this is a Estuary skin issue and best handled by those users in that area of the forum.

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