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Full Version: Audio delay issues with Amber
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Sorry, I'm probably just an idiot and there is an easy fix for this but I can't figure it out.

I had been using SPMC/Kodi v16 with the Amber skin and love it. This past week I upgraded to Kodi v17.3 and the new Amber skin. Seems fine to me but when I'm watching a movie and select the audio to adjust the lip-sync, a window with the slider/adjuster comes up that covers 90% of the screen, so I cant see the lips move as I adjust the slider! In v16 it used to be on the right side of the screen so it was easy to see the picture. I must be doing something wrong. How do I adjust the lip-sync while actually watching the playback?

Thanks for any insight!
Pull request submitted to Jester so hopefully will be fixed in 3.0.8.

You can test it from here: