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Full Version: Add-ons home menu item cannot be removed
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  • Estuary skin on Kodi 17.3 (in place upgrade from 16.1)
  • Android 5.1 streaming box

In Estuary skin settings, I'm able to flip toggles to hide/show the home menu items as I wish. However when I hide the "Add-ons" item, the setting doesn't stick; the next time I start Kodi, it reappears in the main menu
How do you exit kodi? If you don´t exit kodi properly (by using the gui), there might be a chance, that the skin settings aren´t saved.
I've never used the power button in the GUI. I think the OS auto-closes Kodi when I switch to another app (eg. YouTube). When Kodi reloads, the "Add-ons" main menu item is back. This behavior does not affect the other main menu items that I disabled: they stay hidden. Why is this one different?

I've just disabled "Add-ons" from the menu once more; this time I exited Kodi through the GUI. I'll see whether my setting now sticks during the regular use of the box.

UPDATE: The setting seemed to stick only after I exited through the GUI. I'm still curious about why the other menu items did not have the same behavior. Thanks for the hint.