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Full Version: NAS slow response causes skin to lose video progress marker
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  • Kodi 17.3 with Estuary default skin
  • Android 5.1 streaming box

I'm not sure whether to post this in Estuary or General Support threads but here goes.

My media is played from a network-attached-storage server (NAS) that puts its hard drives to sleep after a period of inactivity. When this happens, trying to play a file gives the impression that the NAS is unavailable while the drives come back up. This process probably takes 20 to 30 seconds. In Kodi 16.1 (I used Aeon Nox 5 skin), I would get a popup informing me that the file was unavailable and asking me whether I wanted to remove the movie from the Kodi library (yes/no). I would just select NO, then try the play the movie again. By this time, the NAS drives would be back up, and the movie would play without trouble.

Now I've updated to Kodi 17.3, with Estuary. Faced with the same lag in NAS response, the skin will popup a similar error message about the file being unavailable. It doesn't ask me whether to remove the movie from the library though; there is just an OK button. Problem is, once I click that button, any marker that was attached to the file is lost. In other words, if I had stopped watching the movie in the middle, my place is lost. I think it would make most sense to give the user choices as to how to handle the situation: perhaps "Retry | Remove from Library | Cancel"

Is there some setting I can customize to address this? perhaps even as simple as increasing the timeout before Kodi decides that the NAS can't be reached?