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Full Version: [Kodi 17.3] Universal IMDB scraper missing first returned result of long list [edit1]
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Hello all.

Using Kodi 17.3 on windows 10. Trying to input the movie "Split" year 2016 by M. Night Shyamalan into database.
I use the file name: Split (2016) [ix] 1080p hevc 10bit {horror,thriller}.mkv

In Manual refresh mode, the returned list does not include the entry for M. Night Shyamalan, even though it is on the top of the akas.imdb.com search results. With log debug on, the IMDB movie ID tt4972582 is not present.

I suspect the universal scraper is somehow missing the first entry of the long list of results. I have verified using curl 4.7.0 that the returned html page contains tt4972582.

You can test my problem by renaming any file to the above file name, then let Kodi scan for the entry. For me Split (2016) (ix) is at the top of the list generated by the CreateSearchUrl http://akas.imdb.com/find?q=Split&s=tt.
However GetSearchResults first entry is tt3315656 which is the second entry in the returned html page.

Any help would be appreciated.


Debug Log is at https://pastebin.com/ngRNabrq

Contents of metadata.universal/setting.xml
    <setting id="TrailerQ" value="No" />
    <setting id="allcritics" value="All Critics" />
    <setting id="certificationssource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="certprefix" value="Rated " />
    <setting id="countrysource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="creditssource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="fanart" value="true" />
    <setting id="fanarttvfanart" value="false" />
    <setting id="fanarttvposter" value="true" />
    <setting id="fullimdbsearch" value="true" />
    <setting id="genressource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="imdbakatitles" value="Keep Original" />
    <setting id="imdbcertcountry" value="USA" />
    <setting id="imdbsearch" value="true" />
    <setting id="imdbsearchlanguage" value="None" />
    <setting id="imdbthumbs" value="false" />
    <setting id="imdbtop250" value="true" />
    <setting id="impawards" value="false" />
    <setting id="movieposterdb" value="true" />
    <setting id="mratingsource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="outlinesource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="plotsource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="searchservice" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="studiosource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="taglinesource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="titlesource" value="IMDb" />
    <setting id="tmdbcertcountry" value="us" />
    <setting id="tmdbgenreslanguage" value="en" />
    <setting id="tmdbplotlanguage" value="en" />
    <setting id="tmdbsearch" value="false" />
    <setting id="tmdbsearchlanguage" value="en" />
    <setting id="tmdbset" value="true" />
    <setting id="tmdbsetlanguage" value="en" />
    <setting id="tmdbtaglinelanguage" value="en" />
    <setting id="tmdbtags" value="None" />
    <setting id="tmdbthumblanguage" value="en" />
    <setting id="tmdbthumbs" value="true" />
    <setting id="tmdbtitlelanguage" value="en" />
    <setting id="tmdbtrailer" value="true" />
    <setting id="tmdbtrailerlanguage" value="en" />
    <setting id="tomato" value="TomatoMeter" />
    <setting id="trakttvfanart" value="false" />
    <setting id="trakttvposter" value="false" />
    <setting id="trakttvtrailer" value="false" />
Hi At2010,

Could you remove your debug log and post your it at a pastebin site. Ensure you post the full debug log, and not a snippet.

To replicate the issue we need to know your scraper settings. I know you are using Universal Movie Scraper, but it can be configured in a dozen different ways. Maybe a screenshot of the General, Plot, Credits and Search Setting page as well as the Set Content page
It's because the IMDb search only allows for titles that are disambiguated by the Roman numerals I and V or combinations thereof - essentially just the numbers I-VIII (1-8).

The M. Night. Shyamalan film is the ninth film called "Split" in 2016... IX
(There was also a tenth film, which is also not in the search results).

Lines 91, 94, 97, and 115 in universal.xml would need updating to include the X.

Thank you for the edits. They work as suggested changing [IV] to [IVX] in universal.xml. Those regex lines are difficult to render!

A possible feature enhancement would be to display the (imdb only) roman numerals, if present, displayed in the generated list. Or perhaps some other disambiguation such as the poster icon.