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Full Version: how to update library?
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This should be so simple that I feel silly for asking but here goes: once I've added new files to my network share, how do I manually trigger a library update?
From the home page click any of the video buttons - movies / tvshows / music videos / videos - to enter that section. Then left-click and you'll see 'update library' in the sidebar.
Thanks. I'll check it out later tonight. I spent a few minutes looking through all settings with no luck before posting here, so I knew I must have missed something painfully simple.
If I told you how many years it took me to find the subtitles settings...
If any dev sees this: it would be make **so** much sense to put an "Update Library" button in the library settings where one finds functions such as "Clean Library" and "Import / Export Library"
I have it on my home page. To be honest though it's the sort of thing that doesn't really matter once you figure out where it is. I probably don't see that library settings page from one month to the next, but I'm in Movies (or at least a smart playlist) every time.