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Full Version: bad filename saved by kodi in the database after scan
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hello and sorry by advance for my bad english language Wink

I have a strange issue when i scan my video files on usb drive connected on my ethernet disk ... i use nfo files and local information only and one video by folder , so i not use any scrapper. But after performing scan (on this usb disk) just for add the files into library, all the videos file (in this usb disk) named XXXX.avi or XXX.mp4 or other files extensions, are renamed in the database by VIDEO_TS.IFO ... and i specify, i have absolutly no dvd video files in any drive ...

So, because of bad file path ( path/VIDEO_TS.IFO Instead of Path/xxx.avi) it is impossible to run that files by library ... However by the files menu i see all video with good filename and i can play it ...

My sources for that usb disk connected on ethernet disk is : -ftp://login:[email protected]/SAMSUNG/Videos/ , i not use samba or other protocol for lot of reason and mostly the old age and bad quality of my ethernet disk Wink.

SAMSUNG folder is the USB disk mounted on my ethernet disk , and videos in the real ethernet disk folder at ftp://login:[email protected]/HDDETH/VIDEOS are normaly added with the good name in database

any idea ?


Edit: same issues on librelec on pi , or kodi krypton on windows ...