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Full Version: Bad UI for City selection in weather widget
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If your city has a common name, it is frustrating to know which location to pick while setting up a weather service. For instance, if I live in Clinton in the US, how am I supposed to know which of the following is my location?


Using only major cities (eg: Chicago) limits the accuracy of the data since I'm not in a major city. There are workarounds, but most would find them frustrating or not think of them. For instance, when using OpenWeatherMap, in the "Expert" setting, the Location ID is displayed and can be matched to cities in this file: http://bulk.openweathermap.org/sample/city.list.json.gz. It's still a mess of trial and error: Pick a location from Kodi, go to Expert screen to find Location ID, look in JSON file to see if it's the ID of the location you actually want, rinse and repeat.

I don't know the workarounds for other services.

Posting here because it doesn't seem like a bug; just a UI limitation. Hoping I missed something obvious and simple