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Full Version: How to refresh widget to get current weather?
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  • Kodi 17.3 on Android 5.1 streaming box
  • default Estuary skin
  • OpenWeatherMap widget

I love the weather widget but I have one problem. When I display the weather after starting Kodi, it shows the current weather conditions. I can't find a way to update the data to remain current later in the day. For instance, this morning when I first opened the widget, it was 73F temperature. So the current conditions bar at the top of my image reflects this.


Now however, as you can see at the top right of the image, the time is almost 11am, and the temperature is much higher. If you look at the hourly conditions (bottom bar), you'll get an idea; current temp is actually above 80F, but the initially displayed temp (73) is still shown, so the data shown is far from what's accurate and it sticks until I restart Kodi

How can I update the current conditions bar at the top to remain current? Is this a bug? I have not tested other weather services.