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Full Version: Choppy MPEG-2 playback on Android TV
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Hey everyone

Hoping someone can help, and I hope this will be a quick fix though I have a gut feeling it won't be. I use Kodi on my Sony Bravia Android TV and love it. I have recently invested in a NAS drive and ported 6TB of content over. 99% of this is standard definition video (mostly NTSC, some PAL) in DVD format with MPEG-2 video.

I've added the server and Kodi can see the files fine. It recognises the DVD format so booting up any IFO files takes me fraught to the menu and I can play the video as if it were in a DVD player. This is exactly what I want - brilliant.

The issue is playback. Both NTSC and PAL footage is very choppy. The sound seems fine, but the playback just isn't smooth. It seems to be choppy in the same places.

My NAS server is cabled to my router, which my Android TV is connected to wirelessly (strongest signal).

Videos via various video add-ons play fine. I have tried all possible combinations on the Kodi video settings. Any help appreciated!
Fairly comprehensive discussions here 229348 (thread) and here 305633 (thread) but with this thread 305643 (thread) it looks like some want to roll back. Looks like @wrxtasy is your man 2515148 (post) on this point.

My take on this, is that smart TV's have most of their coding fixed in chips, if you can get this all working whatever versions, stick with it.
Hmm, I don't think rolling back Kodi is the solution for me. I don't want to do that.

I have just downloaded VLC. That plays the video fine, but only recognises individual VOB files - so I can rule out network or hardware issues.

I'll look at the other threads. Thanks. In the mean time, anyone else have any suggestions?
Anyone? Hate to bump but since VLC works but doesn't recognise DVD structures, I'm sure there's must be a solution
Quote: @wrxtasy is your man
Catch him the hardware section.
I can't PM him, don't have the permission. Is this a hardware issue? It seems the hardware is fine since the video plays beautifully on VLC.
Did you follow up on some of those links I left? @wrxtasy is the resident Android specialist and haunts the hardware/Android forums.
I did, I couldn't see noting I could try that didn't involve downgrading Kodi. However, that said, I could easily have missed something. I'll take another look later.
Perhaps you could do the obvious and post a debug log (wiki)
I won't be home until the weekend. I can do that then.