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Full Version: How Much Did Estuary Change For 18/Leia?
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updated to 18/leila then replaced the skin.estuary folder with the older skin.estuary folder i used with 17.3 in order to keep all of the custom edits/mods i made, everything seemed to go fine, all of the edits/mods are fine and working, as is 18/leila as far as i can tell, but the log file complains about estuary incompatibility as follows:

08:46:57.892 T:28332  NOTICE: ADDON: skin.estuary version 1.9.10 is incompatible
08:46:57.892 T:28332 WARNING: ADDON: failed to unset skin.estuary
08:46:57.894 T:29828  NOTICE:   load skin from: D:\Media\Kodi\addons\skin.estuary (version: 1.9.10)

so i edited the estuary addon.xml file to reflect the new estuary version and gui and now the log file no longer mentions the incompatibility or failure to "unset".

<addon id="skin.estuary" version="2.0.1" name="Estuary" provider-name="phil65, Ichabod Fletchman">
<import addon="xbmc.gui" version="5.13.0"/>

so am i missing out on new estuary 2.0.1 features because i'm using an older estuary version? should i have instead left the updated estuary version alone and created an estuary addon in the appdata folder?
(2017-06-17, 19:15)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Changes to the skinning engine for Kodi Leia
thanks very much hitcher, but after reading through the link i think it's a bit over my head.... i'm familiar with changelogs, but can't quite see (or understand) what the exact changes are in terms of changed/added/deleted files and content.
Maybe you could try using something like WinMerge to compare both folders.
(2017-06-17, 20:05)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you could try using something like WinMerge to compare both folders.
good idea... also gonna try to just replace the estuary xml files as opposed to the entire skin.estuary folder, altho i think i did that before and the results weren't great... might even just place the modded skin.estuary folder in the users\name\appdata path and make it an addon while leaving the newly updated estuary install as is, which was suggested by another team member when i asked about migrating the mod to shield tv...