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Full Version: Blurays and nfo files
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Hello mlaggner and myron,

I am looking at re-writing some outdated wiki pages, so I ran some tests on scraping to ensure what was already in the wiki pages was still relevant.

This is what I did. Each TV Show has 10 episodes and I scraped with TMM, then let Kodi scrape the nfo files...
1. 5 shows ripped with bluray disc structure preserved
2. 5 shows ripped with dvd disc structure preserved
3. 5 shows as mp4/mkv all 10 episodes in the tv show folder
4. 5 shows as mp4/mkv each episode in its own episode folder

I deleted \userdata\thumbnails as well as MyMusic60.db, MyVideos107.db, Textures13.db and ViewModes6.db.

I then disconnected my internet connection and performed a scrape. Scraper set as Local Information. Also tried with TVDB set.
Items 2, 3 and 4 scraped with no problems

Item 1, being the bluray structure refused to scrape. It would scrape the TVShow but it refused to scrape the Episodes.

I tried the following...
1. The nfo file for the episode is called bdmv.nfo and is located here...E:\TV Shows-Test\Babylon 5\Babylon 5 S01E01\ (which I think is wrong anyway. Should be next to the index.bdmv file)
2. I copied the nfo file to E:\TV Shows-Test\Babylon 5\Babylon 5 S01E01\BDMV and it did not work
3. I copied the nfo file to E:\TV Shows-Test\Babylon 5\Babylon 5 S01E01\BDMV\Stream\ and it did not work
4. I renamed the nfo files to Babylon 5 S01E01.nfo, 00000.nfo, stream.nfo and index.nfo. None of these worked.

When I re-connected the internet the 5 tv shows scraped ok, which indicates it was just a straight TVDB scrape and it bypassed the episode nfo files completely.

Do you know where the error is? Can you replicate the problem?

I have never noticed this before as my internet is always connected so if there was an issue other times, there was nothing to make me aware of it.

Funnily the actors artwork is present in Kodi, but I can't see where the actors images were saved by TMM
Well, there are still a few flaws inside Kodi, when it comes to import bluray structured shows/movies.
Eg importing & scraping your Babylon5 structure (with fake files) should give me only one episode - but i saw 4 in GUI.
Upon exporting Kodi library, i get 5 NFOs (for all the *.bdmv and *.m2ts files) - this is somewhat wrong; there should be only one!

On the other hand - when importing with "local information only", it is still unclear how Kodi handles this.
One bug is, that you cannot just add episodes to an existing show. It WILL need NFO files, or it even doesn't import the videos into the library!
Internet is still somewhat mandatory (doh!)

So _my_ best practice is, to rip all bluray series to single video files (with MakeMKV, just 1:1 stream copy - pretty fast)
I loose the disc menu, but i am able to play a dedicated episode that i want (and not just the disc containing 1-x episodes)

Same for actor images;
They are saved in tv show root, AND inside the bluray structure MULTIPLE times (in every directory it found videos)!

It seems, Kodi isn't aware of bluray strutures for episodes (when it comes to im/exporting)
Working better on movies...