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Full Version: Lost everything please help
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Hi all, I tried to upgrade my kodi box and without backing it up, and I have wiped everything off of my MXQ pro 4K.
My Internet and link connections are both okay and stay connected, my Wi-Fi is connected and on, I am unable to download an add-on program, to enable me to have anything on. Can anyone please recommend a legal Version of fusion Etc as an addon installer, all I keep getting is "network connection error do you want to download anyway?" I apologise for any confusion with my description or dialect I am very new to kodi.
Thankyou for any replies.
There is no legal version of fusion.

Such installers are a very bad idea and not supported here anyway, as they can sneak all sorts of junk in without you knowing.

Adding add-ons manually from the official repo isn't difficult - HOW-TO:Install add-ons (wiki).

But read the forum rules (wiki) on piracy as we do not condone or support it nor any 3rd party banned addon (wiki) which does
Consider yourself lucky the box got wiped. Best thing to happen to it.

Now all you have to do to is install a version from the download section of this board.
Do yourself a big favor while you are at it and stay away from these 'wonder-addons'. They are bad news.

Good luck