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Full Version: Audio issues with some files
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Hi all,

I am having an issue with video playback with some video files. Sometimes I will get a video that plays just fine, except for the audio. If I then try to stop the video, and play any other video, even a known good file, it has no audio. Further, if I try to exit Kodi, I just get a black screen after hitting the exit button, and have to power cycle the device.

My environment is as follows:
Android 4.4
Kodi 16.1, installed from play store
running on a M8S android tv box
No addons installed

Here is the kodi log, beginning when I tried to play the file:

[edit] https://pastebin.com/ECyVdqcY

Any thoughts on what might be causing this, or how to fix it?
Post a Debug Log don't cut what you think is unimportant. Disable passthrough and use 2.0 channel config
A normal log doesn't tell enough, turn on debug logging in settings>system>logging. The log will be quite large so use a public pastebin.com and supply the URL to that paste here in this thread as a link. Mods and the forum in general frown on logs clogging up the forum.

Go into Kodi settings>videos>playback>sync playback to display -toggle off- These boxes are generally tasked just doing the basics and monitoring user input, but throw up the proper debug log to a new post in the Android section of the forum and it's likely your issue will have an explanation.
Ok, I have a full debug log, with no omissions, except for filename and server info redacted: https://pastebin.com/raw/9rKayNti

Thanks for the quick replies; sorry for the lag time. Day job and whatnot. Wink
Hi voltaicsca,

Do you know how to read these logs?
Hi Karellen,

Certainly a valid question.
Looks like a buffer underrun to me, but I don't really see enough information, even with debug enabled to troubleshoot it, which is why I am reaching out.
There is a line in there that might look like there is actually no audio data, but when I play the file on another computer, it plays just fine -- Audio and all. The overwhelming majority of videos play just fine as well.

A forum post is my last line of troubleshooting. I consider myself to be very tech savvy, and prefer to dig in and solve myself, but I am kind of at a loss here, hence the post.

It is not a complete log from startup.

However I do see your log indicates that the file has eac3 sound, and that passthrough failed. I am guessing your playback device cannot passthrough eac3.
Ok, so I have spent the last hour or two fiddling with settings to see if I could play the video under any circumstances.
Turns out, if I set output to 2.0 stereo, and keep my passthrough settings to everything enabled, the video plays back with audio. If I change the setting to anything besides 2.0, I get the same behavior as described in my original post. Full disclosure, I did not test every speaker configuration. I only tested 2.1 and 5.1.

I guess now my question is, if I set the output to 2.0, does passthrough only pipe 2 channels through, and discard the others?
Is the "number of channels" setting only relevant for streams that can't be passed directly to the receiver?
AC3, DTS are sent with 2.0 channel Audio.

Your box seems not to be able to play multi channel pcm audio.

Enable DTS, AC3, Enable AC3 Transcoding
Set channels to 2.0