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Full Version: Fire TV (Kodi 17) + Guide (Timeline - All Channels) Bug
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I absolutely love the Amber skin and prefer to use it always. However, since I've added live TV to Kodi, one thing isn't working. When I press guide, the currently playing channel goes to the upper left-hand corner (as it should), but the guide doesn't show (I'm talking the Timeline - All Channels guide). I can move the remote up and down and see that the channel/show info changes (so the data for each channel is there), but the guide doesn't show. The screen is blank. Any ideas? I have four Fire TVs where it functions this way. On all my Windows 10 laptops, it works correctly. Any help would be appreciated. I had to move to a different skin because this feature doesn't work. I don't like it as much as Amber though!
This happens on all of my android based units. It seems the epg isn't brought to front. But I haven't tried to dig in. Any update would be appreciated.
Is someone able to try this:


It also has a setting to disable the mini video window if the fix doesn't work.
This change only corrects the issue with the mini view turned off. However the mini view and the layout is the feature I like.

Also with this update the time/date labels in the epg scroll in a fraction of the available space.
Came here to post about this. Other skins aren't an issue. Running on 17.4 on a Nvidia Shield