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Full Version: Updated "Jaded Video" Adultmovie scraper
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Thanks for the contribution, whats been fixed with this scraper? so i can at least check differences quicker and test before commit.

At a quick glimpse theres one or two things that need to be changed but they may be from the original xml not your changes.
Redid the web site changes and removed <director> tag as it no longer shows as far as i can see. Only Prob i am having is scraping the plot, but this was not in the original so i will continue on trying with that.

Could you give me a rough idea on the few things that need changing ?
:confused2:I can not seem to get this to work. I am trying to use the "folder name" option, but the scraper never finds any matches. I know the films are on the jaded web site so that isn't the problem.

Does the scraper only use filenames regardless of the option selected in xbmc? my file names are the orginal downloaded file names (kind of crytic) .
HI there.

U mind sharing t the updated code?